Summer Safety Tips For You And Your Canine Companion!

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Traveling with your Pet

If you are traveling with your dog in the car this summer, whether it be a short or long ride, never leave them alone, not even for a short errand! Temperatures within a car can sky rocket within minutes and this can become a life-threatening situation.


Always ensure that your dog has a proper form of identification, especially when traveling. If your dog goes missing for any reason, proper identification will help the process of getting them back home to you! Options include collars that are embroidered with names and telephone numbers, collars with identification tags and microchips.

Check In with your Veterinarian

Before summer vacation begins, it is always a good idea to check in with your veterinarian regarding what type of parasite protection your dog requires. Here in Ontario, dogs routinely take a monthly preventative medication against fleas, ticks and heartworm. Is your dog going to a boarding kennel? Make sure your dog is up to date on all necessary vaccinations. We would also recommend that if you are traveling a distance with your dog, to research the local emergency clinic in the area so that if you ever do encounter a problem you know where to seek out help. Here at Davis Drive Animal Clinic we have a list of veterinarians across Ontario so if you let us know where you are traveling to we would be happy to help.

Having Fun in the Sun

When you take your dog out for a fun day in the sun, please remember that pets can get heat exhaustion just like people, so remember these helpful tips:

  • provide access to water at all times
  • provide access to shade
  • limit your dog’s time outdoors
  • do not let your dog overexert themselves (especially seniors and those breeds with flat faces as the shorter nose makes it hard for them to breath!)
  • if you see signs of heat exhaustion seek out veterinary care immediately

Time to hit the Water

Lots of dogs enjoy a day on the water just like we do. However, dogs are just like children and should never be left unattended near bodies of water. Here are some other safety tips:

  • be aware of the body of water they are swimming in! Is it a pool, pond, river or lake? does it have an undertow? are there sharp objects (ie. Zebra mussels) they could injure themselves on? Any wildlife to be careful of? boats?
  • know your dog’s ability to swim and always keep an eye on them
  • keep lifejackets on hand, especially if taking your dog out on a boat!

The team at Davis Drive Animal Clinic wishes you a safe and happy summer!

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